There is wonderful secret that women possess which has been lost and hidden from us for many years. 

Women hold this wonderful secret that allows them to heal their complete body, mind, emotions and spirit. The secrete is the true gift of our menstrual cycle and it’s beauty.  
If a woman’s heart is grounded and balanced she can heal any imbalance or disease by connecting and honouring the deeper side of herself. 

Through honouring the sacredness of her body, she is able to restore peace, health and harmony within herself. 

Most physical, emotional and spiritual suffering is a result of the separation of herself. 
The secret of the Devine Feminine has been lost over time and throughout the emerging of our patriarchal system. However all is not lost and this secrete that is sacredness can be found and restored if we women become aware and fully connect with the power of the universe. 
Did you know that during the time of the month a woman’s body produces Dimethyltryptamine aka DMT which is a compound that produces an expanded state of awareness? Well we do and it is found in the menstrual blood. 

This is something that many of us are unaware of or don’t fully understand or appreciate. 

It is a gift which we don’t even know we have. 
Our bodies are designed to experience these expanded levels of awareness every month, hence why we are usually very highly strung, emotional, angry, annoyed and short with everyone around us. We are supposed to channel all these states and use it as a means to reach the expanded levels of consciousness. 

DMT is a very powerful natural compound that can also be extracted from other sources. It has been used in shamanic rituals for divinatory and healing purposes.
We release this hormone from the pineal gland during the time of the month and this should be a scared and powerful time for us.

This is the time when we are closest to the source of life and all that is good and love. 

If we were to embrace this time and allow the process to expand our consciousness we would be able to 

purify ourselves beyond the physical attributes of our periods. 
We are literally reborn every month but we don’t appreciate what this means and how powerful this is in bring us closer to wholeness within ourselves. 
It allows us to reflect, deeply feel within our souls whether our lives are on the right path or not. 

It heightens buried emotions from our subconscious and gives us the chance to address them in order to have a better, aligned and attuned to our needs. 

I have come to realise that all those times my life was off track my time of the month was just like a thunderous dark cloud shadowing everything. 

I used to dread this time of the month because in the words of other I became this other person who was full of uncertainty and anger. 

For the first time in 15 years I am clam during this time. I have come to understand the secrete we posses and how by allowing and embracing it I can connect with my source on a spiritual level whilst going through a deep purification of old and coming into the new. 
Nowadays we are very disconnected from our bodies, mind and soul. We tolerate our period and do all we can to avoid going through the process every month. Like me before so many take for granted what this gift truly is. Don’t get me wrong I know how painful it can be and how inconvenient it can be but that’s the beauty of it all. By allowing our bodies to shed the old and bring in the new we purify ourselves on various levels. 
Instead of doing all we can to get away from this monthly gift, it is important that we understand how our own bodies can heal and create. 

By understanding and honouring what this means to us we can restore harmony within ourselves, for our homes and families. 
These days both women and men treat this sacred gift as a pain and something that is just inconvenient and damn right ugly. Back in the day women use to isolate themselves and go into seclusion during the “time” in order to experience these powerful states of expanded consciousness and healing. This allowed space for the clearing of negativity and the receiving of clarity and peace. 

Our disconnection with this innate power throws us off balance within our lives and ourselves. We are no longer listening to ourselves anymore but rather what the outside world has to say. 
This should be the time of month, where we can reconnect with ourselves, by being loving and kind to ourselves and by taping into the nurturing side of ourselves. 
We need to honour this gift and understand what it truly means. Of course if it’s excruciating by all means take pain killers, however learning to dance with your scared gift and learning her ways, by looking after yourself physically, mentally and emotionally you could probably heal yourself from the pain. 
We must not see this gift as a pain or something ugly which must never be spoken of or that we have to hide. We must honour it and realise that it is a chance to delve deeper into out mysteries and evolve each month into the process of becoming whole. 
By Sarah Martin 


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