Ok so I have become a vegan for various reasons including damage to the environment. 
I am all for spreading the message but struggle when I see some vegans shout and parade about the fact that they can sleep at night knowing they did not hurt a living being is something that bothers me. 
I will tell why shortly……

First let me say that I think that the lines between spreading the word about why it’s good to be a vegan versus being self righteous about it are blurred. 
I feel that using any living naturally grown thing for your own comfort could be deemed as not being kind to living things. Like trees for furniture, fresh cut flowers in vases etc etc.
Not to mention the impact that the industrial or technological industries have on the planet which in turn affects animals in the wild and other human beings, but we don’t shout too hard about that. 
But vegans still buy electrical goods, furniture and eat plants. 

Plants are living things too, cutting them down or uprooting them is killing them. Just because we can’t hear them scream or measure their pain doesn’t mean we don’t kill them. This is the part where people will say I’m absurd for comparing the killing of an animal to the cutting of a plant. FYI this is to illustrate that either way you’re killing something. 
Obviously we have to eat so I am not saying we should not eat anything because we would have to “kill” it first. It’s all good and well but let’s be clear about the fact that making other people who are not vegans feel bad is a no no.
It’s not that simple! 
Becoming a vegan for me is about the barbaric act of raring, killing and waste that we humans partake in, and the impact on the environment everyday. 
The imbalance of over fed people who waste food versus starving people around the world is insane. It unnecessary and too much!
What has put me off enjoying meat is the thought of all I have mentioned above. It’s put a bad taste in my mouth. For me even eating organic free range meat still fuels the other 80% of barbaric bullshit that goes on. 
If the farmers around the world did it differently without creating suffering or damaging the environment then perhaps I would consider eating meat again. 

What vegans and non vegans have to realize that all the barbaric shit we do to this planet from littering to pollution hurts a living being in one way or another. So saying you feel at ease and making others feel bad is not in my option something to shout about. There are still animals and humans that suffer and or die as a result of all the other stuff you do that hurts the planet. 

So by all means continue to do the right thing but chill with the self righteousness and spread the message and love instead. 🙏🏽🌺


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