For those women who unfortunately have low self esteem or are working on a higher self esteem, dating can be challenging and heartbreaking. 
Being someone who had low self esteem and works everyday towards ridding myself of my previous beliefs about myself I know what I am talking about. 

Having this low self esteem when dating means that your need for love, attention and approval outside of yourself can be your kryptonite.  
If you don’t belief you are a Queen rather than a peasant when dating, any guy who comes along, that looks good enough and starts to tell you all you want to hear pushes you give yourself to him when he doesn’t deserve it. 

You are quick to give too much too soon. Or perhaps you make exceptions for what they lack because you don’t think you’ll get better, cause after all you’re “unlovable” “ugly” “worthless” to name a few. 
There are so many stunningly beautiful women who to others has everything, yet when those women look in the mirror they don’t feel they measure up or are good enough. 

You see these women with worthless men who have no business being anywhere near them but they sold themselves short because of their negative view of themselves. 
Now I know full well that snapping out of that “I am nothing” mentality is not easy and it takes time and in some cases hitting rock bottom to snap out of it. In the mean time you will date cause dating is nice and fun but what you must not do is settle for less than you deserve. 
So what do you do while your brain doesn’t cooperate with your soul? 

Well I believe that you date like a Queen! 
A queen doesn’t have to prove she is worthy and she doesn’t settle for less than what she deserves. 

My advice for staying away from making a huge mistake by getting into anything deep with the wrong man is to ask yourself this!

If I could choose any man on the planet to marry, would it be this guy? 

Now think and really think about it. 

If in your mind’s perfect world, where you were as thin, beautiful, rich, confident etc etc (FYI you’re perfect now) as you beat yourself for not being, would you choose to marry this man?

9/10 the answer will be no!
You are only thinking of giving your whole life to him because you don’t think you’ll find anyone who can make you feel special like he does. 
Now let’s all remember the times we met that guy, at first we were not sure but we kept talking to him cause he gave us attention. He told you all you wanted to hear and you loved it. 

You gave him the cookie too early cause you believed that would keep him, then you start you need him a little too much because he starts to pull back the compliments etc. he isn’t answering your messages as quickly as he used to, you start to stress that all your low self esteem fears are coming true. That he doesn’t want you anymore, that you are unlovable or fat or ugly or whatever. 

You start to act crazy and needy and start falling for the unattainable.  

And you do all this for a man that isn’t right. 

Then you suffer the pain heartbreak that you created for yourself and all because you don’t know how to be your all. 

It may be that you meet a great guy but your insecurities will make him look at you for what you believe you are. He wants a queen not a peasant. 
But he will never get to see the queen because of your fears. You can’t help it though, it’s how your brain works right now and you hope one day you can be that woman. And yes you will overcome this with help but in the mean time just ask yourself that question “IF I CAN CHOOSE ANY MAN ON THIS PLANET TO MARRY, WOULD I MARRY THIS MAN” so you at least save yourself time. 

Your time, neediness, body, craziness and all that would be better spent on someone you at least see yourself marrying and not some wasteman fuck boi! 

That’s my short cut to the problem while you work on becoming QUEEN! 

Good luck and message me if you have any questions. Much love ❤️


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