When I first saw you all I felt when I looked at you was the colour black.

Everything about you was harsh and dark. 

Then I read your words one by one.

Suddenly the dark clouds broke letting in the sun. 

It was just enough sun for me to wonder. 

Wonder what was beneath this iron sculpture. 

The curiosity lead me to get to know you.

I was nicely surprised and my heart flew. 

Determined you came for me and I didn’t have a clue. 

You had plans for me, if only I knew. 

I may have allowed myself time. 

Time feel all your colours before crossing that line. 

I didn’t realise that your colours were painted on. 

You were too broken from the island storm. 

You didn’t have to be strong. 

Showing who you are isn’t wrong. 

Perhaps I would have understood.

I would have been patient and seen the good. 

But I run 

Oh Yes I run,

Run as far away as I could so I wouldn’t see you when I looked back. 

But no matter where I went your sun still shone through your black. 

Like a moth to a flame I’m pulled back in

It seems the space allowed me to see through the burning paraffin. 

No Amount of smoke or paint can detract from who you are. 

And that’s a beautiful broken star. 

A star would capture the eye of Renoir. 


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