I’ll wear my tight black dress. 

I’ll have on my 3″ heels. 

My lips will be painted red. 

My lashed will be long and fluttering. 

My hair perfectly curled and styled. 

My nails long and sexy. 

I’ll take the perfect selfie. 

I’ll post it with some logical caption. 

I’ll get lots of likes and comments. 

I’ll be told that, hot, beautiful, sexy and I’m that fantasy!

All this effort and likes and comments he my external appearance should be flattering,


I write a poem or an article or create a quote to express my inner beauty and my soul, and I get hardly any likes and hardly any comments as I would if I had my ass out or dressed up. 
It doesn’t bother me one bit but it saddens me that society is so preoccupied with what looks beautiful rather than what is beautiful. 

We miss depth, meaning and the wonders of real life because we are blinded by everything fake! And cannot comprehend that after all the glamming up you still have to live with who you are, the real you. 

We spend so might money on the external and nothing on the internal. 

It seems fake is the new real!

What a damn shame. 


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