What ever happened to clearly knowing the difference between right and wrong? 
These days the lines between these two extremes are blurred as a result of desensitisation by the familiarity of too many wrongs. 

It’s come to the point that the rights are now questionable and carry a sense of unreasonable doubts. 

Most sane human beings from every corner of the world knows the difference between right and wrong.

Regardless of cultural, sexual or religious differences, wrong is wrong and deep down we all know it but some choose to ignore it and justify it by any means that suits the crime.

Why therefore despite knowing the difference between good and bad do some still stand by wrong doings and find adequate ways of justifying them which most of us accept?
This leads me to question if there is a silver lining with wrong doing, bad or evil. 

Would the world be the same place if we were all good and all did the right thing?

Does the wrong, bad or evil drive creativity?

If Eve didn’t eat the forbidden fruit from tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, would we still have a fascination with the likes of Chanel, Ferrari, Louboutin etc.?
I think that the wrongs we have done since “Eve” defied God has created the world we live in. Where the materialistic wants supersedes our conscience for doing the right thing. 
Most people think of good, right or angels as boring. 

Some say there is no excitement when it comes to doing good. 

But surely wanting the bad or wrong all the time exemplifies the neanderthal aspects of humans, our empathetic  inadequacies and deep levels of uncounxiousness. 

Surely only people who cannot or are not capable of appreciating the beauty and freedom of good can say it’s boring. 
I believe however that the systems created around us to be modern “liberated” slaves is what drives our unnecessary self entitlement. 

Our wants are frankly out of balance with our needs. 

We all need love, kindness, joy and support from one another yet we do everything necessary to achieve the opposite. 

The things we need are not believed to make people rich and the wrong, bad or evil does. 

What better way for the super rich to continue to cultivate modern slaves that continue to keep them rich than through the bosoms of democracy (this subject of modern slaves cultivated through democracy is for another day). And the crazy thing is we are thankful and proud of it. But that’s the point of their objectives. 
The only thing I believe that sets the wrong doers apart from the right is higher levels of consciousness and empathy. 
This leaves me to conclude that we are not ready to embrace good or right because we just don’t have the mental, spiritual and emotional capacity to comprehend the peace and unity it would bring each of us. 

We therefore take lead from our governments, churches and all other authoritative figures and institutions on how to live our lives. The sad thing is that it served only them not the grater good. 
It’s not a case of God versus the Devil but rather not reaching the right evolutionary level to wake our stupid asses up to see through the bullshit and appreciate what right and good actually means. 
I do have hope in humanity and each of us who choose to do right must never give up and remember that each good does add to a better world. 
Written by Sarah Martin. 


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