I’m not feeling the world right now!

It’s not the planet or the animals or the plants that I’m not feeling. 

They are the only things that seems to fall in line with nature. 

They take what they need when they need it and leave it at that. 

They are not greedy and selfish,

Not like us humans, no not like us!

Oh we love to take at any cost. 
I’m not feeling this world right now!

Because us humans ruin it all…..

Our selfish needs,

Our uninformed opinions about everything,

Our narrow minded view of other people,

Our disregard for our planet,

Our disregard for the plants and animals,

Our disregard for each other’s lives is sad!
I’m not feeling this world right now!

Not because it’s not beautiful,

Not because it’s not abundant,

Not because it isn’t my support system,

But because of humans!
I am disappointed with human beings. 

Despite the good we do,

We are great at fucking the world while staring lovingly into her eyes. 

Taking from her while smiling. 

We do it in broad day light and think nothing of it. 

We creep in at night and take when she is resting. 

We are ignorant in thinking that everything we are doing to her won’t hurt us in the future. 

We don’t care at all. 
As far as we are concerned, our rooms, houses, cars, jobs, families, friends, towns, cities, countries and hell this continent we live on is the only thing that we care about. 

We forget that,

the room belongs in the house

the house, cars, jobs, families, friends, towns belong in the town, 

the city, country, continent all belong on the planet. 

So segregating our lives like its separate from the planet is ignorant. 

That shit you took in your toilet isn’t flushed away into thin air. 

It’s absorbed in the planet you care nothing for.

So keep shitting in the same place you live and never clean up after yourself. 

Take what you want and forget about what it does to other lives. 

There is only so much she can take! 
I’m not feeling this world right now!

Not because of the millions of innocents but the evil 1%. 

The greedy 1% who assume we are all stupid. 

The 1% who kill people in the name of democracy. 

The 1% who orchestrate wars and make us hate each other. 

The 1% who only care about the billions they are collecting to have more power. 

All because 96% of us are asleep and happy to follow the masses like sheep. 

It’s time to wake the hell up and start caring for this world.

Not just yourself, families, friends, jobs, cars, cloths, houses, city or country. 

Bur for all of us here now and those who will come in the future. 

We are all one. 

When take from one being you take from your precious life! 

I am not feeling this world right now. 

But I hope to someday soon. 

In the mean time I’ll do my part to change it.