I’m used to going at it all alone. 

I got used to not needing anyone. 

I made sure that I was as solid as a black diamond after the last few times.

Then the Rabbit came along holding out its double nines. 

It took some time to warm up to it all. 

Cause after all I was solid behind my diamond wall. 

I gave into Rabbit because I saw something I forgot I was looking for. 

Once I got a taste, it resonated deep in my core. 

Next thing I know I’m tumbling into the heart headfirst.

The fall was hard and damn it hurt. 

Life then took over throwing a few spears and grenades. 

Despite the pain I had no choice but to grin and bear it all. 

Be strong and tough when all I wanted to do was bawl. 

The plans and that little flicker of hope I had was gone. 

It seems I had lessons to learn as the curtains were drawn.

I am still not certain what it was all for. 

But I am sure it’s now hit the basement floor. 

The magic that was there has turned sour. 

And the words run run run got even more louder.

Hundreds of days aimlessly passed. 

Each one pushing me further away from that whirlwind blast. 

All that’s left is this wild melody that played when Rabbit came along.

It has now turned into a different kind love song. 

When I remember the old verse I thought I no longer wished to feel a damn thing. 

But this new song and it’s sweet beautiful melody has made it easier to bear the sting.

No fear, I’m ready once more to let go and just feel it all. 

With no care in the world I look forward to tumbling into my next epic fall!


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