These days I have been thinking a lot about my African side, where I was born and raised till I was twelve years old.
We are such beautiful, innovative, happy people with riches to unfold.
We have so much but the world around us make us believe we have nothing and that we need them in order to survive. 
They have created a system around us that brings Africa to its knees with a rusty knife. 
And they turn around and call it democracy and freedom. 
But it’s the biggest con!
I have had first hand experience of starvation and seen so many go through the same thing but we have land and lots of it.
We should be cultivating that land but we are led to believe by the governments and establishments we trust that we need imported food to eat. 
We have an abundance of coal, oil, gold, cocao and so many commodities but we export most of it at the lowest price. 
It sadness me deeply and brings tears to my eyes. 
Our continent is so beautiful, we have everything we need to be self sufficient and rich but again we are led to believe we are not enough.
So they create billion dollar charities that pay a lot of people a lot of money to “help” us out of the rough. 
Would it not make more sense to leave us be?
Use that money to pay off the debts we are chained to so we can be free?
But the bending over process of Africa is too deep and goes back too far that we are now a problem.
It is easier to do everything to convince a flower that it cannot blossom. 
But there is this magic in the air in Africa.
It’s so sweet, you can taste it when you breathe it in, it’s an enigma. 
Our big heart is and was our biggest downfall.
We are always happy to let people in, our pure love has no wall. 
We believe that people will be as kind as we are. 
I have heard “them” call is stupid because of what we are. 
Our greatness and innovative souls runs far deeper than any civilization.
With people like me, one day we will help Africa come to the realization. 
That we matter not to the world but to each and every one of us. 
That we can be the great continent that we have forgotten we are. 
Someday soon we will come together, rise and shine as bright as one black star!
Poem by me Sarah Martin💋


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