Can you please grant me my wish?

You know I don’t wanna swim with fish. 
I’m not able to hold my breath under too long. 

On sandy beaches with creative clouds is where I belong. 
I need to feel the sun on my freckled face.

Know that my heart isn’t trying to find its way out of a coral maze. 
Can you now please grant my wish?

I get it I don’t want to learn anymore I’m done with this anguish. 
Yes I’m impatient that’s a gift and a curse.

But it’s hard for me to go full throttle when I need to worry about the reverse. 
In the main house is where I want to hear my song.

You know that every day I try to be very strong. 
I need to smile every day so my dimples come alive.

It’s what I need to feel like me and survive. 

I don’t want to worry about my hopes blowing in the wind. Yes it needs to be free but held down with me and pinned. 

Can you please just grant my wish. This road has been too long, what else am I supposed accomplish. 

You the Gods must have mercy on me.

I’m begging, I’m down on my knee. 

Grant it, grant it, I ask that you grant my wish for me. 
Sarah Martin @Sugaroc💋


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