Did I not inspire you to be a better man?

Be far greater than our fathers ever can?

Open up your mind to want a better life!

So one day our lives would grow and thrive!

What was missing that I could not provide?

Did your will to be that man just suddenly subside?

When did you really stop trying?

Or were you always so weak and perfecting the art of lying?

I never thought I’d question you as a man.

I looked up to you since it all began. 

When I think back to the weight you watch me carry. 

No wonder I was always so damn angry.

Makes me wonder why I carried you so well.

I guess I was under a delusional love spell. 

I’m disappointed with who you are. 

So lost in your mind, you’ve gone out way too far. 

Sometimes I wonder what your son will think. 

When he is old enough to make the link. 

What will you tell him when he wants to know. 

How you never harvested what you sew. 

Will you be man enough to tell him the truth. 

Or will you do what you’ve always done and be aloof?

I hope that you wake up and see the light. 

That one day you’ll see that your wrongs were never right. 

Until that day I’ll forgive you because that’s what I do. 

Because the two hearts you gave me was the only love that was true. 

I hope that you become that man one day. 

So your hearts with have someone else to portray. 

For now may peace be with you!
Sarah Martin @Sugaroc 💋


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