She walks by like a warm breeze on an autumn evening,

Her eyes purposeful but gleaming. 

Her silhouette is utterly commanding,

Making all the passers by start panting. 

From her ankles their eyes work their way up,

If you listen closely you can hear their hearts pump. 

Imaginations running wild,

Flashing images of how they would leave her styled. 

After they have maneuvered her from every angle,

It would be so dirty they would need a bath in a chapel. 

Imagination runs crazy,

How they think she would look great in their gravy. 

Right now all they can see is her backside,

Feeling manly and wanting to be gratified. 

She, oblivious to the prying eyes,

But their eyes have moved higher it’s between her thighs. 

She turns around holding her stomach and she smiled,

Little did they know that under that sexy dress she was carrying her child. 

My copy written poem 🙂


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