Go ahead and get it in deep. 

Pollute their minds and tell them it’s cheap. 

I used to wonder how much it costs. 

For a force fed philosophy that rots. 

Ignorant minds are a billion plenty. 

So it’s easy for them to make their food trendy. 

What do they know if they have no other choice. 

After all they are deaf because of all the noise. 

They forgotten what was written in Genesis 1:1-1:31. 

That they were given everything in their Palm. 

Lost minds, lost souls roaming for the hell of it. 

Looking down on suffering ready to spit. 

Never mind the fact they are all one there’s no split. 

Just because they didn’t share that one womb. 

Its easier to careless much too soon. 

Even the devil shows others more mercy. 

Than the people who claim to be serving Gods Army. 

What have you done today that contradicts selfishness. 

It costs nothing to offer another being kindness. 

poem by me @sugaroc 


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