Ass & Titts 






Ass on display!

Is that all life is about today?

The need to be wanted by strangers. 

Never mind the obvious dangers. 

Does it go in anyway to serve your dreams?

Does it make you feel closer to being one of those Queens?

What happened to knowing you are enough!

Being you and calling their bluff?

I won’t lie I’ve been victim to this thinking.

My soul angry screaming and kicking!

But I realized it’s not cool, I woke up. 

I am out of this weird club. 

Have you forgotten what it means to be fulfilled?

That there’s a whole life outside social media that you can build!

I guess it’s what they call low self esteem. 

Even though your past is tarnished you are not unclean. 

After you’ve gotten as much ass, titts and lips out. 

You’re still left empty at life’s round about. 

Try and flip the script. 

Write a new life manuscript. 

Let it be about elegance, opulence, respect and love. 

Because I tell you enough is enough!
My poem💋


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