When he touches me at my core,  

I rain, I pour. 
When he kisses me softly,

I rain so effortlessly.
When he looks into my eyes,

I rain, there’s no disguise.
When he calls out my name,

I rain, there’s no restrain. 
When he touched me there,

I rain, I start to swear.
When he engulfs me,

I rain, the light into heaven is all I see.
When he rides my wave,

I rain, the sea bed I no longer crave.
When he bursts into my sky,

I rain, flooding myself into the best explosive high.
My poem 🙂



Can you please grant me my wish?

You know I don’t wanna swim with fish. 
I’m not able to hold my breath under too long. 

On sandy beaches with creative clouds is where I belong. 
I need to feel the sun on my freckled face.

Know that my heart isn’t trying to find its way out of a coral maze. 
Can you now please grant my wish?

I get it I don’t want to learn anymore I’m done with this anguish. 
Yes I’m impatient that’s a gift and a curse.

But it’s hard for me to go full throttle when I need to worry about the reverse. 
In the main house is where I want to hear my song.

You know that every day I try to be very strong. 
I need to smile every day so my dimples come alive.

It’s what I need to feel like me and survive. 

I don’t want to worry about my hopes blowing in the wind. Yes it needs to be free but held down with me and pinned. 

Can you please just grant my wish. This road has been too long, what else am I supposed accomplish. 

You the Gods must have mercy on me.

I’m begging, I’m down on my knee. 

Grant it, grant it, I ask that you grant my wish for me. 
Sarah Martin @Sugaroc💋



Did I not inspire you to be a better man?

Be far greater than our fathers ever can?

Open up your mind to want a better life!

So one day our lives would grow and thrive!

What was missing that I could not provide?

Did your will to be that man just suddenly subside?

When did you really stop trying?

Or were you always so weak and perfecting the art of lying?

I never thought I’d question you as a man.

I looked up to you since it all began. 

When I think back to the weight you watch me carry. 

No wonder I was always so damn angry.

Makes me wonder why I carried you so well.

I guess I was under a delusional love spell. 

I’m disappointed with who you are. 

So lost in your mind, you’ve gone out way too far. 

Sometimes I wonder what your son will think. 

When he is old enough to make the link. 

What will you tell him when he wants to know. 

How you never harvested what you sew. 

Will you be man enough to tell him the truth. 

Or will you do what you’ve always done and be aloof?

I hope that you wake up and see the light. 

That one day you’ll see that your wrongs were never right. 

Until that day I’ll forgive you because that’s what I do. 

Because the two hearts you gave me was the only love that was true. 

I hope that you become that man one day. 

So your hearts with have someone else to portray. 

For now may peace be with you!
Sarah Martin @Sugaroc 💋



She walks by like a warm breeze on an autumn evening,

Her eyes purposeful but gleaming. 

Her silhouette is utterly commanding,

Making all the passers by start panting. 

From her ankles their eyes work their way up,

If you listen closely you can hear their hearts pump. 

Imaginations running wild,

Flashing images of how they would leave her styled. 

After they have maneuvered her from every angle,

It would be so dirty they would need a bath in a chapel. 

Imagination runs crazy,

How they think she would look great in their gravy. 

Right now all they can see is her backside,

Feeling manly and wanting to be gratified. 

She, oblivious to the prying eyes,

But their eyes have moved higher it’s between her thighs. 

She turns around holding her stomach and she smiled,

Little did they know that under that sexy dress she was carrying her child. 

My copy written poem 🙂



Go ahead and get it in deep. 

Pollute their minds and tell them it’s cheap. 

I used to wonder how much it costs. 

For a force fed philosophy that rots. 

Ignorant minds are a billion plenty. 

So it’s easy for them to make their food trendy. 

What do they know if they have no other choice. 

After all they are deaf because of all the noise. 

They forgotten what was written in Genesis 1:1-1:31. 

That they were given everything in their Palm. 

Lost minds, lost souls roaming for the hell of it. 

Looking down on suffering ready to spit. 

Never mind the fact they are all one there’s no split. 

Just because they didn’t share that one womb. 

Its easier to careless much too soon. 

Even the devil shows others more mercy. 

Than the people who claim to be serving Gods Army. 

What have you done today that contradicts selfishness. 

It costs nothing to offer another being kindness. 

poem by me @sugaroc 


So now here we are. 

You holding your red guitar. 

Me standing in your doorway. 

Waiting to hear you say. 

Baby I want you to be mine. 

Forever our love will shine. 

Then I hear you play that tune. 

And I know we are over much too soon. 

Don’t you see it’s me you’re killing slowly. 

Oh baby I don’t wanna dance just hold me. 

But you smile still playing your red guitar. 

You know what you’re doing, it’s who you are. 

I turn and head out the door. 

Because now I know the score. 
I lost my damn mind when I walked out and left you yesterday. 

You took my damn heart, ripped it up into ten million different ways. 

And now I’m done. 

And now I’m gone. 

I don’t want to ever love again. 

I prefer to feel the pain. 

Be a love rebel one with no heart. 

Its a perfect day to start. 
It’s now 6 in the morning. 

The rain is coming down hard, it’s pouring. 

I hear the whistling swan. 

So I put my red heels on. 

Paint over my new scar. 

I need to go back, get the red guitar. 

No longer will it play that tune. 

The one that broke my heart much too soon. 

Standing at your front door. 

I see you down on one knee. 

Telling me I’m the one it’s only me. 

My heart stops but my mind starts to race. 

Baby I can see the truth, it’s plain to see on your face. 

I can see the rise of the ace of spades. 

Your shanking hands on my ankle. 

Begging me to stay so we can get into that tangle. 

I want to run, but my heart is weighing me down   

Gleaming is your tainted crown. 

I finally see who you are. 

I don’t care for your red guitar. 

I am free, I am free. 



I am an angel in disguise,

If you look hard enough you’ll see it in my eyes. 

When I laugh my body cries,

When I get angry my mouth bleeds,

When I’m happy my heart falls in love,

When I’m at peace my heart breaks. 

I am an angel in disguise,

I’m not supposed to live here I belong in the skies,

I’m not supposed to fall in love,

My love belongs to the one above. 

I’m an angel in disguise,

Here on earth tossing life’s dice,

Hoping for a double six to win my prize,

I don’t know how to function as one of you,

I would have stayed up there if I knew,

Knew that this place is hard when you’re not a two. 

But I’m an angel in disguise,

So for now I’ll cry, bleed and love until the day I am called to rise. 
💋💋My poem💋💋