1 + 1

POEM – 1 + 1
I’ve spent some time trying to run. 
I’m all packed up with my love gun. 
Ready to fire on the first opportunity. 
To keep my heart safe relentlessly. 
Then like powerful gust of wind you blew yourself into me. 
I’m trying to stand up but I’m weak at the knee. 
You’ve had me all along, I just didn’t know it yet. 
I just had a few things to sort before we met. 
Every time I tell myself naw it’s not like that. 
You do something that makes me check myself and do the math. 
Each time I add 1 + 1 I still come up with the same answer. 
That you will definitely be my next chapter. 
No matter how many times I check it’s still the same. 
I’m yours to claim. 
I don’t wanna run anymore. 
I’m tired of fighting this lone love war. 
So I’ll put my gun away.
I’ll let this feeling take hold and stay.
I’m happy to spend my days day dreaming about forever. 
To you my love I surrender. 
Poem by me Sarah Martin 


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