I won’t have to wonder too far. 

To collect my thoughts and my red guitar. 

I won’t have to look too deep. 

To play our tune and keep my soul from endless sleep. 

I won’t have to take too much. 

To create that perfect melody that you can touch. 

I won’t have to give you my soul. 

To make you feel like a man and whole. 
See love is endless. 

It can make you feel as though you are breathless. 

But she doesn’t ask for the moon to take from the sun. 

She lets them coexist as they are one. 

Distance doesn’t make their love any insignificant. 

What they do to each other is never exorbitant. 

It is free. 

It grows in the seas as the tides change me into we. 
See I won’t have to wonder too far. 

To dance to our tune because the only thing between you are I is our star. 

It shines so bright even the other planets are jealous. 

But love conquers all and no envy can touch what is marvelous. 

I am your sun in December, you are my moon in June. 

You yes you are my moon that makes my flowers bloom. 

We don’t have think or try. 

It’s simple because nothing can take us down from our love sky. 


1 + 1

POEM – 1 + 1
I’ve spent some time trying to run. 
I’m all packed up with my love gun. 
Ready to fire on the first opportunity. 
To keep my heart safe relentlessly. 
Then like powerful gust of wind you blew yourself into me. 
I’m trying to stand up but I’m weak at the knee. 
You’ve had me all along, I just didn’t know it yet. 
I just had a few things to sort before we met. 
Every time I tell myself naw it’s not like that. 
You do something that makes me check myself and do the math. 
Each time I add 1 + 1 I still come up with the same answer. 
That you will definitely be my next chapter. 
No matter how many times I check it’s still the same. 
I’m yours to claim. 
I don’t wanna run anymore. 
I’m tired of fighting this lone love war. 
So I’ll put my gun away.
I’ll let this feeling take hold and stay.
I’m happy to spend my days day dreaming about forever. 
To you my love I surrender. 
Poem by me Sarah Martin 



The anticipated scene is set. 

His eyes saying woman you know what’s next. 

D’angelo’s How does it feel playing. 

I feel the heat and my hips start swaying. 

He growls deeply beckoning me closer. 

I start walking over dancing a little slower. 

He can feel my body screaming. 

I know he will man me, I’m beaming. 

I want to share my secrete with him. 

I want him to dive in deep and take a swim. 

All I have on is a fitted T and my black heels. 

He grabs me by the waste, hands sliding down and I ask how it feels?  

He looks into my eyes and places a soft kiss on my wanting lips. 

My hands on his shirt, I pull and it rips. 

His hands on my ass, squeezing with hunger. 

I look down at his jeans and I wonder. 

His belt unbuckled, my hands free reign. 

My body now aching for his, I’m excited with pain. 

Next thing I know I’m up against the wall. 

I’m intoxicated by him, I’m in lust thrall. 

One heel falls off as he lifts my leg. 

Lips working its way down from my neck. 

He is on his knees, eating like it’s his first time. 

He drinks me slowly like I’m the finest wine.

I’m ready, he knows I’m ready. 

He feels me up, I’m no longer empty. 

On and on and on he kept going. 

Loud and loud and loud I kept moaning. 

My mind blown, I look up I’m smiling. 

He smiles back cause he knows he manned me cause I’m coming..