You know it’s all good when you feel the love.

Like quietest of rivers you only hear it’s beats when you are fully submerged from all above.

The powerful currents pulsating through every fibre.

Coursing the essence of these naked four letters into your heart to lift you higher. 

There is no force stronger than this phenomenal power. 

But without it life would just be like a cold shower on the 25th of December. 

~Sarah Martin 💋





look around and all I see are the lost ones. 

Floating aimlessly down life wishing that happy comes. 

Begging, hoping and dreaming for silence of the unmanageable heart. 

Waiting for the real shit to start. 

Thirsty and desperate for a little attention. 

Doing everything for just that little connection. 

The kind they think they need to feel pretty. 

The others watch on with uninformed disgust and pity. 

Wondering how and why a rose needs to beg for the blazing heat of the sun. 

Doesn’t it already know it shines from within and then some?

Doesn’t it understand there’s more to life than what the trees think?

That it stand on solid ground and 

doesn’t need to sink.

I guess it’s too busy wishing for the suns likes and kisses. 

Instead of looking within at it’s inner riches. 

Sarah Martin @sugaroc 💋