Each soft black strand dangle openly.

Like the branches of a weeping willow tree swaying over her river bank gracefully.

They used to yearn to touch the stars.

Perhaps even be bold enough to kiss mars.

The depths of the oceans always seemed too shallow.

To quench the thirst on her pride that she could never seem to swallow.

What was taken from her was scandalous.

The weight of the emptiness left made her feel ravenous.

Searching for that missing piece she could not remember.

Luckily the taste of it kept her in her centre.

As she stands freely by her river bank.

No longer full of tears she cried when she sank.

She holds onto herself in perfect harmony.

Feeling the strands of her hair tingle the tunes of possibility.

She finally knows she has found that missing melody.

It was never lost but hidden in her entity.

Her cure was inside, she was her own remedy.

Life may begin for she is no longer in pain.

Finally coming into her own, she is whole again.

Poem by Me to accompany this beautiful painting by @sannaahtan


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