If angels whispered loudly at the base of your neck,
Would you feel their echoes shudder in protest for silence?

If you closed your eyes tightly forgetting to look away,
Would you still see the light you thought was a myth?

If you strung clouds into an infinite escape rope,
Would you ever be able to climb down to the bottom?

What if you chose to smile that little bit more when fighting a raging war inside,
Would the world frown back in horror?

Wake, walk, talk, talk and talk,
The things we say and to build the day,
To fill the voids of what we lack,
The purposely lost keys to the “my” chains so we can stay!

So round and round they go,
Never answering the real questions,
Sadly living to not know,
Never taking note in the important lessons,

When you turn a blind eye to life,
You miss the beautiful vision of what it means to be alive,
So what happens if you woke up?

By Sarah Martin @sugaroc


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