Acres and acres of time that’s passed.

I believed that you were detached.

I thought that I didn’t really matter.

That I was just another unfinished chapter.

Bright as an unpolluted sky I see all the stars so clearly.

How I unknowingly ripped your broken heart severely.

When all I ever wanted was to protect your Antares.

Wrap him up and shone away life’s cruel solitaries.

Broken hearted myself, I didn’t think.

I climbed on board my bullet holed ship to sink.

But I pulled you down with me.

Putting heavy blame that it was you not me.

I didn’t mean to hurt you I was blind and couldn’t see.

I have no regrets but I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I couldn’t let us just be present and undefined.

That was what was so beautiful how we were intertwined.

You are etched into my soul for all eternity.

I never said it before but I love you unconditionally.

Maybe one day I can show you how much.

For now your simple gift of hi will feel like your touch.

By Sarah Martin


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