The clouds have parted to show a vision of you it’s truth.

Minds thoughts run wild with bolted down words that become loose.

Stoic man you stand proud alone.

Disillusioned of your standing in the unknown.

But when you’re lost in the wilderness of bluff.

Then and only then will enlightenment strike rough.

It’s written on the wall.

Unforgiving love thrall.

Maybe you don’t have it all figured out though it was reeling.

You didn’t recognise that feeling.

That simple feeling called love.

She was right there staring at you from above.

Art and Poem by Sarah Martin





The cave that houses the cub.

Is a carcass in the sun leaning against a water starved shrub.

The heat pounds.

The rain beats in copious amounts.

Where’s the roof?

Why was life so unhinged for this youth?

It was meant to be a safe haven.

With warm walls that offers adoration.

Sweet smells of apple pie.

Explicit laughter that echoes in the sky.

Hills of daisies basking with the greenest of grasses.

I love yous that can be heard loudly as the wind passes.

That was what it was meant to be.

A simple cave called home with no debris.

Every cub needs the embrace of daddy.

Life isn’t perfect, I’ll be fine and my self love will be my own remedy.

By Sarah Martin Art by @terrinart_peter




Acres and acres of time that’s passed.

I believed that you were detached.

I thought that I didn’t really matter.

That I was just another unfinished chapter.

Bright as an unpolluted sky I see all the stars so clearly.

How I unknowingly ripped your broken heart severely.

When all I ever wanted was to protect your Antares.

Wrap him up and shone away life’s cruel solitaries.

Broken hearted myself, I didn’t think.

I climbed on board my bullet holed ship to sink.

But I pulled you down with me.

Putting heavy blame that it was you not me.

I didn’t mean to hurt you I was blind and couldn’t see.

I have no regrets but I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I couldn’t let us just be present and undefined.

That was what was so beautiful how we were intertwined.

You are etched into my soul for all eternity.

I never said it before but I love you unconditionally.

Maybe one day I can show you how much.

For now your simple gift of hi will feel like your touch.

By Sarah Martin




It is too easy to peek back through the closed curtains.

Wanting to count the waterfall’s drops in submergence.

Trying to make sense of the patterns left on the river bed loosely flung.

It’s shouting out you can taste it on the tip of your tongue.

Maybe you opened the floodgate.

Or you were placed in front of your fate.

Either way now is the time to let go.

Needing to swim in past waters is a no.

Now you move forward using a mirror to look back.

That way you drive forward but are able to see your past whilst you stay on track.

~Sarah Martin~