Gold gates bolted onto sand pillars.

Mahogany trees sprouting from concrete mirrors.

Crystal pathway leading up to a 6 story diamond covered tin house.

Platinum front door handle glimmering of plenty.

Marbled floors hosting the a cardboard dinner table ineptly.

Cold tin of beans roasting in the golden aga.

Dead roses line the windows of this psychodrama.

Passers by admire the riches they can see.

The oohs and aaahs transpire into ungrounded jealousy.

They think they know, they think they know the truth.

They want that life, they also want a diamond roof.

What they don’t know is the sadness behind the glitz.

It’s an empty rich house with the biggest of all pits.

A hole in the foundation, where the heart should be.

They would choose mud huts if only they could really see.

For those simple huts are made with bare hands and love for a family.

Poem by me
Art by @ilovehash


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