10 years old.

So naive and easy to mold.

The sun has gone under.

It’s time to meet the monster.

He says he’ll make her feel happy.

“Tonight will be the night, the night I show you happy”.

Her young heart breaks and ages by ten.

Reality of his happy draws in her mind like a pen.

Making tea in the kitchen.

For his wife and his children.

Fear shakes in and trembles down her hands.

She knows what she heard but hardly understands.

What will she do when he comes knocking.

She was born a fighter to take on what is coming.

She runs runs runs she runs up to the tower.

She shouts shouts shouts pointing out the monster.

No one is gonna hurt her.

She may be 10 but she’s a damn little fighter.

Poem by Sarah Martin
Art by @andreea_ionela_berindei


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