I was blind, I was blind.

I was searching for the light, that defining light.

To break through my darkness and make it bright.

I was lost, I was lost.

I wanted to find my host.

To bring me to my centre and make me one.

I was out of road, I was almost all done.

There you stood in the middle of messages way.

Forthcoming as the prince that saves the day.

You could hear exactly what soul says.

You told her you would show her the way.

I was found, I was found.

I found the purity in what it means to be unbound.

Now I am free, I am free.

I became and embraced all the things that make me me.

No longer holding my hand, my guardian angel is no where to be found.

Now I must walk alone and never turn around.

I believe, I believe.

Now I believe in me, anything I want I can achieve.

Poem by me
Art by #DavidWalker


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