Gazing into your eyes for the very first time my angel.

I discovered a love so pure and graceful.

I was lucky to have felt it although it was too short.

I had years to prepare to wave you goodbye at life’s port.

But no harbor was right, no boat good enough to carry my heart.

I never had a choice of a life without you from the start.

I would have followed you there if they let me.

It was the two of us against the world don’t they see?

Now it’s just me, me and me against me.

I fight to stay here without you each day.

Double sided mirror please take me there.

To the other side where I can be with my angel less the fear.

I hope I meet you in your beautiful heaven some day.

Where it’ll just be you and I again, just like last Sunday.

Poem by @sugaroc
Art by @ns_art


2 thoughts on “SACHA

  1. bejamin4 says:

    Wow, painful but powerful: “Now it’s just me, me and me against me.” I think you tapped into the human psyche with that line. I think we all feel that way sometimes. Amazing.


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