Standing at the mouth of the well of life.

Looking down its depth with no fear at walking the knife.

Only the brave can quench the hungry thirst.

He can taste the next chapter in the air, it is ready to burst.

His mind was built for this rhythmical challenge.

A craftsman of words is his natural talent.

With his razor sharp tongue he recites his mantra.

“As the darkness turns to day.
Only you stand in the way.
No stops when you’re on a run.
Understand who you’ve become.
You’re the fire in the rain.
Only greatness will remain.
Push up, yes I raise the bar
Don’t be afraid of who you are”.

Deep a breath to fill his mighty chest.

He dives into the abyss to conquer his life quest.

A metaphor man knows his way through any complex libretto.

He will retain his title as the lyrical king that came from the ghetto.

Poem for the talented @officialwretch32 by me @sugaroc
Art by the amazing @elmohood


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