Touch me now and I will bleed.

I’m meant to be yours but its me you don’t need.

Open my heart to show you the light.

You cover your eyes and tell me it’s too bright.

I keep going and trying because I love you.

You push me away, I stay convincing myself its not true.

You have inprison my heart so I stay.

I wait for you to wake up and see me as I am today.

Pointless existence I live trapped.

Wanting and needing no longer to feel the dark.

All there should have been is you.

But I search looking for something new.

I want you to be my all.

Make me feel like I’m your all.

I will be by your side if I’m your all.

Maybe I’m no longer your all.

Poem by @sugaroc
Painting by @andreabengeart


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