Don’t carry my cross for me.

Don’t feel my pain for me.

Don’t cry my tears for me.

These are parts of me that is me.

Tho the darkness knocked at my door.

Choosing to bestow upon me a one woman war.

My eyes are open to a new vision of life.

What it takes from my flesh my soul will fight with my warrior knife.

Defeat to the dark beast is not at option in my unwelcome plight.

With every part of me I will fight.

Choosing to live is my god given right.

So don’t feel for me.

Rejoice and be happy for me.

For a true warrior that I am will come out winning.

Fuck cancer you are not my ending.

Poem for@warrior_sully I came to know the beautiful @warrior_sully through a wonderful friend.
I think you are an inspiration @warrior_sully. I personally love how you choose not to give in to cancer and still take time out to love yourself and look beautiful and rejoice in life. I cannot begin to imagine what you must be going through and I wish you all the best to fight this beast and come out winning. Never give up and know that people like me do think about you and that you do inspire people. Truly fuck cancer! Much love. Xxxxx


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