Once a beautiful soul but now a lost creature.

Dangerous with his hungry vulture.

Wearing two distinctively ugly faces.

Hate and anger in his eyes blazes.

The need to cause pain is his motivation.

To humiliate, debase and hurt their victim for senseless gratification.

Feelings of inadequacy feeds his issues of mastery.

Remorse for his selfish pleasures will never be part of his vocabulary

His hungry vulture is the only difference between him and his prey.

If he didn’t have it they would be able to fight for another day.

Just because he has a dick.

Doesn’t mean he has to be a prick.

Painting by @shinkwangho329
This Poem by me @sugaroc is all about those selfish mindless cowardly men who feel that just because they have a penis they can do what they want. I love men but don’t get me wrong but I do not condone the shit the other half do to women. So much pain and sorrow just because they think they can. Would they hurt, rape, beat, debase women if they didn’t have a penis?? I wonder.


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