Explain how every second the tide rolls in and out.

Try to tell them what happens to the other universes we don’t know about.

Explain how the heart works in layman’s terms.

Try to tell them that the mind can over ride what it affirms.

Can you explain whether an ant knows that it lives within a galaxy?

No one will never be able to give an explanation that is satisfactory.

No one can explain why we do what we do.

Sometimes an explanation is not required to put together two and two.

Like foetus in its mothers womb it is blind to the beauty of this world.

It can only live on what it is served as what choice does it have?

Sometimes we need to trust in more than what we think we see to survive.

We don’t have to figure it all out.

We need to let go and forget what it is all about.

Poem by me @sugaroc
Art by @misvincent


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