Standing at the mouth of the well of life.

Looking down its depth with no fear at walking the knife.

Only the brave can quench the hungry thirst.

He can taste the next chapter in the air, it is ready to burst.

His mind was built for this rhythmical challenge.

A craftsman of words is his natural talent.

With his razor sharp tongue he recites his mantra.

“As the darkness turns to day.
Only you stand in the way.
No stops when you’re on a run.
Understand who you’ve become.
You’re the fire in the rain.
Only greatness will remain.
Push up, yes I raise the bar
Don’t be afraid of who you are”.

Deep a breath to fill his mighty chest.

He dives into the abyss to conquer his life quest.

A metaphor man knows his way through any complex libretto.

He will retain his title as the lyrical king that came from the ghetto.

Poem for the talented @officialwretch32 by me @sugaroc
Art by the amazing @elmohood





Pa pa para papa pa the trumpets they are blowing.

Dum, dum dum loudly the drums they are beating.

Thud, thud thud you feel your heart beating in your chest.

You smile with satisfaction of having passed the test.

An extraordinary party is taking place inside your psyche.

No longer does the umbrella remain open when it’s sunny.

The world makes sense again.

You chose you and not the middlemen.

True happiness races through your veins.

You finally accept your crown and can begin to reign.

You now know the true meaning of loving you.

Poem by @sugaroc
Art by @terrinart_peter




Searching and looking for my king.

The one who deserves to call me his queen.

His smile gleams, its the brightest.

His heart beams of life for me it’s biased.

Our paths has already been drawn out.

We will meet at the entrance of paradise roundabout.

Body and soul we will walk to our middle.

Speak with our eyes and it won’t be riddle.

Hand in hand we will rule our kingdom.

Bask in the glory of finally finding our freedom.

Poem by @sugaroc
Art by Gena Mitchell




Time will tick away.

Some try to make it stop.

Others fritter it away.

Most undervalue it.

What we don’t see is the gift of time.

How it gives us life.

How it heals.

How it gives us more chances.

Some chances undeserving.

Some chances needed.

Time with no limitations can be a saviour.

Best to live in it and not outside it.

So when you go to sleep tonight, be thankful for the time you have had today.

And when you wake up tomorrow be thankful that you are given another chance.

Good night ❤




I wish I could turn back time.

When all of you was all mine.

I don’t want to miss you anymore.

I want you to be mine again just like before.

I want to hold you each morning and make it all okay.

I want your face to be last thing I see before the end of each day.

I want to put a smile on your face and create a beautiful sonnet.

I want to let myself fall deeper in love with you every minute.

I want you to never let go again and just hold me.

I want to give you all of me.

All I ever needed was you.

All I want is you.

Poem by @sugaroc



Our thing is a beautiful game.

We play it so well it it’s untamed.

You got me with dimples.

A perfect start so simple.

Poker faces full of lust.

We played the game till dusk.

Your hands on me.

I am open, my wants free.

I’ve wanted you but didn’t know it.

You’ve come for me it’s explicit.

Our hands clasp, face to face we stand.

Poem by @sugaroc




Touch me now and I will bleed.

I’m meant to be yours but its me you don’t need.

Open my heart to show you the light.

You cover your eyes and tell me it’s too bright.

I keep going and trying because I love you.

You push me away, I stay convincing myself its not true.

You have inprison my heart so I stay.

I wait for you to wake up and see me as I am today.

Pointless existence I live trapped.

Wanting and needing no longer to feel the dark.

All there should have been is you.

But I search looking for something new.

I want you to be my all.

Make me feel like I’m your all.

I will be by your side if I’m your all.

Maybe I’m no longer your all.

Poem by @sugaroc
Painting by @andreabengeart