She is that girl, that woman who is comfortable in her own skin despite others opinion of her.

She loves who she is. She doesn’t care what you or anyone else thinks.

She lives her life based on what makes her happy. She celebrates her brilliance and flaws.

She owns herself.

She may be a mother, sister, grandmother, daughter, aunty, wife or girlfriend but this life title doesn’t define who she is.

She may be called negative things but that does not define who she is.

She defines herself. Not being afraid to just be who she is.

She is that girl you wish you could be.

She is you, you are that girl.

Written by me @sugaroc
This is the meaning behind my clothing brand SHE REPUBLIC.

She makes you believe that it’s okay to be you. She embrace her flaws, weaknesses, strengths and she owns them. I want to just be who I am and I want other girls and women to enjoy the beauty and magnificence of who they are and not be defined by people’s preconceived ideas of who they think SHE should be.

I created SHE REPUBLIC @sherepublic to celebrate just being that girl.


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