If you are thirsty for the fluorescent substance.

You will find it in the four corners in abundance.

Convinced it’s what you want.

Subconscious kicks in, acting as your true confidant.

It’s sour demure is covered in sweet obsession.

It smells devine and so inviting like a peace of heaven.

So exciting and easy to guzzle, you have more.

You are reeling in the pleasure deep in your core.

Tick tock, tick tock the aftermath hits like lightening strike.

Sharp and deep, realization that its all lies you dislike.

It might be too late as the damage is done.

You’ve planted the black seed and it’s hidden away from the sun.

Yes you made a careless mistake.

Your whole life must not be defined by this plague.

Wake the fuck up!

Poem by me @sugaroc
Drawing by @cash_artist
Day 22 poem for @badgalriri ❤


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