Scratch marks all over my shoulder.

Loving the stinging sensation that still pulsates over and over.

Black dress still laying on the driveway with your shoes in a hedonistic tangle.

Your belt still in a granny knot ties my right ankle.

Your taste still lingers on my lips.

The strength of your grip is still felt all over my hips.

Vodka and cranberry bath now half full and undrinkable.

Our wet foot steps to the room is still visible.

The sheets now embellished with your scents.

Only a few minutes passed since the last illustration.

Missing you although you are still laying right next to me in that perfect position.

Aroused by the memories that just took place.

You know what I want as you look at my longing face.

It asks that you take me up to the 9th level of black.

This time leave your scratch marks on my back.

Poem by me @sugaroc
Painting by Ethan Michael
This is day 19 poem for my @badgalriri poetry challenge.


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