Noisy trumpets blowing hot air.

Self righteous words fucking up ma damn flare.

Churning out that shit every little second.

Thinking imma bow down and keep it buttoned.

With deep purpose I curl up the right side.

Snarl so mean to show I won’t hide.

Crimson red fire shows there is no fright.

I’m ready to take you on and fight.

Hell these heaux can keep laughing.

Don’t need to hear it I know I’m winning.

Meaningless phrases in my face wont be a glitch.

Take note….I am nobody’s bitch!

Poem by me @sugarocđź’‹
Drawing by @nassim_nasiri

I am doing a 30 day poetry challenge where I write a poem a day about Rihanna @badgalriri. My poems will be posted with original art by her fans. This is poem for day 5. Please tag her on this post so she can see it. Thank you for your support. Sarah and thanks @247papstv for your support.


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