She is that girl, that woman who is comfortable in her own skin despite others opinion of her.

She loves who she is. She doesn’t care what you or anyone else thinks.

She lives her life based on what makes her happy. She celebrates her brilliance and flaws.

She owns herself.

She may be a mother, sister, grandmother, daughter, aunty, wife or girlfriend but this life title doesn’t define who she is.

She may be called negative things but that does not define who she is.

She defines herself. Not being afraid to just be who she is.

She is that girl you wish you could be.

She is you, you are that girl.

Written by me @sugaroc
This is the meaning behind my clothing brand SHE REPUBLIC.

She makes you believe that it’s okay to be you. She embrace her flaws, weaknesses, strengths and she owns them. I want to just be who I am and I want other girls and women to enjoy the beauty and magnificence of who they are and not be defined by people’s preconceived ideas of who they think SHE should be.

I created SHE REPUBLIC @sherepublic to celebrate just being that girl.





Swaying happily on her topaz swing.

Soaring just high enough to hear her angel sing.

As the wind blows through her curly hair.

She daydreams of the days where his kiss is all she would wear.

Smile beaming on her beautiful face.

As she remember his warmest embrace.

Accepting that today she may not able to say you are now mine.

She jumps off her swing reciting her new rhyme.

You and I didn’t just meet under the sea’s waterline, we were in each other all this time.

So for now I will happily spend my time day dreaming of where I left my heart.

For it was never an ending to what was a perfect start.

Poem by me @sugaroc
Painting titled “Save me” by @mjlindo




You know you want to touch it.

You know you must feel it.

You know you need to have it.

You know you yearn to taste it.

You know you want to feed it.

You know you want to keep it.

You know you want to look after it.

You know you want to make love to it.

You know you want to kiss it.

Shame it doesn’t want you in it.

Poem by me @sugaroc




Ra ra ra ra wrap it up quick cause that shit keeps on spilling.

The words out of your mouth is cheap and dirty stinking.

Your disease of the day, I really just ain’t feeling.

Open your mouth wide and take that pill deep in.

Pour that holy water fast cause your evil needs God’s healing.

We all know your life needs constant meaning.

Don’t snake around mine it’s not open for seeking.

My exuberant world doesn’t need what your feeding.

Step off my track and just keep on walking.

Ain’t nobody got time for your damn bitching.

I’m done its now time to get back to queening.

Poem by me @sugaroc
Art by @navy_and_hooligan
This is day 23 poem for my 30 day poetry challenge to write a poem a day for @badgalriri art




If you are thirsty for the fluorescent substance.

You will find it in the four corners in abundance.

Convinced it’s what you want.

Subconscious kicks in, acting as your true confidant.

It’s sour demure is covered in sweet obsession.

It smells devine and so inviting like a peace of heaven.

So exciting and easy to guzzle, you have more.

You are reeling in the pleasure deep in your core.

Tick tock, tick tock the aftermath hits like lightening strike.

Sharp and deep, realization that its all lies you dislike.

It might be too late as the damage is done.

You’ve planted the black seed and it’s hidden away from the sun.

Yes you made a careless mistake.

Your whole life must not be defined by this plague.

Wake the fuck up!

Poem by me @sugaroc
Drawing by @cash_artist
Day 22 poem for @badgalriri ❤




Laying by the vibrant candle light.

Stroking the hourglass just right.

Placing a soft buss to kill the fight.

The beautiful war is now a scarce delight.

Her soldiers hold each other tight.

The orchestra can begin to play until daylight.

The vibrations played by the brass is dynamite.

The galvanism that exudes echoes through the night.

Reminding them of why they were the only two on the invite.

The magic created that moment was a rare sight.

There is no doubt that they were always going to reunite.

Poem by me @sugaroc
Painting by @artbandit85
This is day 21 poem for my 30 day poetry challenge to write a poem a day for @badgalriri art.




Getting ready to go out for dinner.

I Look up from my gold mirror.

There I see my bluebell outside my doorway.

His eyes they glimmer a soft grey.

His colours dance in this dark night.

Moving to my tune under my tingling light.

He sees all of me, he knows my secret.

The hidden kingdom inside my locket.

Where he is forever my king.

As I’m his queen wearing his bluebell ring.

Poem by me @sugaroc
Painting by @santiagi_wifey
Day 20 poem for my challenge to write a poem a day for @badgalriri.