A million bullets traveling towards you in slow motion.

A tornado whipping its tail to scatter away your fragile emotions.

Hailstorm of sharp crystal blades aiming for your delicate flesh they fall.

Noises so defending no one can hear you call.

Round and around the chaos swirls.

You can feel it inside your soul as it all twirls.

Seeking consolation driven by the needs of your ego.

You attract all that is wrong so you can learn and let go.

An oasis of serenity amidst your state of pandemonium can appear.

The power of perception is the key to making a tortured mind disappear.

Look within as it is your entity you must accede.

For you are truly all you need.

Poem by me Sarah Martin @Sugaroc
Painting called Fear is a Choice by Yann Houri @yannhouri


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