Escaping Madness – Poetry – Poem

Eloquently floating just above the surface of madness
Finger tips stroking the ego of sinners
Preparing to be brave enough to dive in deep
Open the black chest and release the darkness it keeps
Face the devil to the north
Earn back lost self worth
Jumping in at the mouth of the heart’s black hole
Emerging once again a whole soul





I wanna be stuck on my head.

The sun has gone its dead.

I don’t wanna come outside.

Just stay in the dark and hide.

No its not insane I really wanna feel my pain.

To remember that it’s not mundane.

Its all for the sake of overflowing nothing.

Yet feels like a little something.

I don’t like feeling the empty.

The silence is so deadly.

I prefer my heartfelt pain.

I want my loving pain.

My cry is there for me.

So I’ll cry I’ll cry for me.

Poem by me @sugaroc
Drawing by @

Beautiful Game – Poetry – Poem


Our thing is a beautiful game
We play it so well it’s untamed
You got me with dimples
A perfect start so simple
Poker faces full of lust
We played the game till dusk
Your hands on me
I am open, my wants free
I’ve wanted you but didn’t know it
You’ve come for me it’s explicit
Our Hands clasp
Face to face we now stand




Like a black diamond lost in the dark.

After sunrise so is lost the spangled ore of the daystar.

Staring into the green of those snake eyes.

Searching to seek the purity in its filthy lies.

Over the horizon lays a delicate crystal path.

One that promises gifts of love on a whispered breath.

Conditions that will require a heart is left behind.

The bad choice will never escape the mind.

Who will emerge the looser.

Who will gain an eternal lover.

Poem by me @sugaroc
Painting by @javiergpacheco

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Hope. Love. Life.


The Curtains are finally drawn
That magical glow that once shone brightly now gone
Pushed hard into the dark
The reality of loss leaving its mark
That heavy heart weighing you down
Increasing the need to go deep inside and happily drown
The pain disguised so well in the mind
You’ve become desperate to leave it all behind
You realise that no more can be lost now
The only thing left is your faded shadow
Flickering light oh hope burns on
Licking the subconscious with subtle affection
She will not let you roam with a cold dead heart
Her bright colours will guide out of your dark
You will be whole again someday
Happiness and love will once again be part of your everyday

Black Orchid – Dapper Baby Skull


Sisi and Mimi



Yearning to break through the clouds of the overbearing sky.

Her broken wings seek freedom to fly.

To hover gracefully over sun kissed meadows.

Free from worries of looming shadows.

Poisonous melodies now vapid.

She can now stop and inhale the the magic of the black orchid.

Forgotten dreams suddenly awoken.

Reminding her soul it is not time to go to heaven.

Her heart full of hope no longer in despair.

Her eyes wide open and full of glare.

Knowing one day she will fly away is her only solace.

For the first time a smile can be seen on her baby scull face.

Poem by me @sugaroc
Painting by @ns_art Neil Skinner

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