Red Guitar


So now here we are
You holding your red guitar
Me standing in your doorway
Waiting to hear you say
Baby I want you to be mine
Forever our love will shine
Then I hear you play that tune
And I know we are over much too soon
Don’t you see it’s me you’re killing slowly
Oh baby I don’t wanna dance just hold me
But you smile still playing your red guitar
You know what you’re doing, it’s who you are
I turn and head out the door
Because now I know the score

I lost my damn mind when I walked out and left you yesterday
You took my damn heart, ripped it up into ten million different ways
And now I’m done
And now I’m gone
I don’t want to ever love again
I prefer to feel the pain
Be a love rebel one with no heart
Its a perfect day to start

It’s now 6 in the morning
The rain is coming down hard, it’s pouring
I hear the whistling swan
So I put my red heels on
Paint over my new scar
I need to go back, get the red guitar
No longer will it play that tune
The one that broke my heart much too soon
Standing at your front door
I see you down on one knee
Telling me I’m the one it’s only me
My heart stops but my mind starts to race
Baby I can see the truth, it’s plain to see on your face
I can see the rise of the ace of spades
Your shanking hands on my ankles
Begging me to stay so we can get into that tangle
I want to run, but my heart is weighing me down
Gleaming is your tainted crown
I finally see who you are
I don’t care for your red guitar
I am free, I am free


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