I, You, We Lie

Hour of the light, you lie.
Moving through it, you lie.
Staring at her, she’s not you, you lie.
Pulled together for the day, you lie.
Happiness portrayed, you lie.
Amalgamating one persona to many, content of success, you lie.
Twisting the bluebells for cover, you lie.
Trying to be, you lie.
You lie, you lie, you lie.
Pain created from greed, you lie.
Self inflicted misery born out of unnecessary need, you lie.
Opening ones self to the world, you lie.
Bring home poison to feed your soul, no lie.
Seconds spent looking in at the emptiness in the mirror, no lie.
Hiding the glistening dew in the cracks of the wall, no lie.
Emptiness overpowering blossoming love, no lie.
Forcing Darkness to walk through light, no lie.
Wicked thorns opposed on the beautiful, no lie.
Tearing of the delicate spirit, no lie.
You lie, you lie, you lie.
Giving when taking more, you lie.
Love used as bait to own, you lie.
Angles in love forever, you lie.
Gifting hope on a dead rope, you lie.
Love heart proposed for pure heart, you lie.
Dreams of happiness sold, you lie.
I do, we do, you lie.
Sunny days of sweetness, you lie.
You lie, you lie, you lie.
Black streaks across white plains, no lie.
Screams of fear, no lie.
Haunting hope, no lie.
I, he, she, we, they Lie.

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