Red Guitar


So now here we are
You holding your red guitar
Me standing in your doorway
Waiting to hear you say
Baby I want you to be mine
Forever our love will shine
Then I hear you play that tune
And I know we are over much too soon
Don’t you see it’s me you’re killing slowly
Oh baby I don’t wanna dance just hold me
But you smile still playing your red guitar
You know what you’re doing, it’s who you are
I turn and head out the door
Because now I know the score

I lost my damn mind when I walked out and left you yesterday
You took my damn heart, ripped it up into ten million different ways
And now I’m done
And now I’m gone
I don’t want to ever love again
I prefer to feel the pain
Be a love rebel one with no heart
Its a perfect day to start

It’s now 6 in the morning
The rain is coming down hard, it’s pouring
I hear the whistling swan
So I put my red heels on
Paint over my new scar
I need to go back, get the red guitar
No longer will it play that tune
The one that broke my heart much too soon
Standing at your front door
I see you down on one knee
Telling me I’m the one it’s only me
My heart stops but my mind starts to race
Baby I can see the truth, it’s plain to see on your face
I can see the rise of the ace of spades
Your shanking hands on my ankles
Begging me to stay so we can get into that tangle
I want to run, but my heart is weighing me down
Gleaming is your tainted crown
I finally see who you are
I don’t care for your red guitar
I am free, I am free


Staying Present

The heart is full but empty.
Full with love and life but still empty.
Big sighs between each breath to fill the gaps of empty.
The mind creates the empty.
Distorting your perfect to create a great big empty.
Love, life, happiness there in abundance.
Yet seeking more with no real need for expanse.
Empty you will truly become.

Black Soul

Its not love, no
Its not love, no
Its not special
Its just the darker side of me
Its my black soul
My black soul
Love’s not essential
It’ll tear your heart out to bleed
Its my black soul
My Black soul
Don’t need no angel
If only my heart could love love you

Pink Butterflies


Catching pink butterflies on a cold winter day.
Walking to far into the grey you’ve lost your way.
They searched and called out for you.
Run, you run deeper into the abyss.
Seeking the feeling of bliss.
Looking everywhere and calling out for that pink butterfly.
Laying on a hill staring at the grey sky, you starts to cry.
Have you lost it before you had it?
That pink butterfly, so delicate, so shy.
You will never catch it being the thorn on a red rose bush.
Sitting and waiting for that touch to push.
Wanting to dig deep into the soft and red.
To let the naive love seep down and spread.
Taking the heart, the soul and the mind.
Have you lost it before you had it?
They call, you stares blankly and still you sits.
No longer wanting to run.
Rather catch purple butterflies in the sun.
Turn back and walk away from the grey.
You know you lost it before you had it.
That pink butterfly who would not commit.

I, You, We Lie

Hour of the light, you lie.
Moving through it, you lie.
Staring at her, she’s not you, you lie.
Pulled together for the day, you lie.
Happiness portrayed, you lie.
Amalgamating one persona to many, content of success, you lie.
Twisting the bluebells for cover, you lie.
Trying to be, you lie.
You lie, you lie, you lie.
Pain created from greed, you lie.
Self inflicted misery born out of unnecessary need, you lie.
Opening ones self to the world, you lie.
Bring home poison to feed your soul, no lie.
Seconds spent looking in at the emptiness in the mirror, no lie.
Hiding the glistening dew in the cracks of the wall, no lie.
Emptiness overpowering blossoming love, no lie.
Forcing Darkness to walk through light, no lie.
Wicked thorns opposed on the beautiful, no lie.
Tearing of the delicate spirit, no lie.
You lie, you lie, you lie.
Giving when taking more, you lie.
Love used as bait to own, you lie.
Angles in love forever, you lie.
Gifting hope on a dead rope, you lie.
Love heart proposed for pure heart, you lie.
Dreams of happiness sold, you lie.
I do, we do, you lie.
Sunny days of sweetness, you lie.
You lie, you lie, you lie.
Black streaks across white plains, no lie.
Screams of fear, no lie.
Haunting hope, no lie.
I, he, she, we, they Lie.